Connecticut Hospitality Awareness Training, or CHAT for short, is an ambitious program developed by the Connecticut Tourism Coalition to train frontline personnel who work at attractions, lodging establishments, restaurants and other businesses that make up the Connecticut tourism industry. CHAT is Connecticut’s first online training program to educate workers on the fundamentals of hospitality service and the significance of tourism to our economy.

The CHAT program features seven interactive online modules and an introductory video. Participants can enroll for only $10.00 at The program takes under 90 minutes to complete, although participants can learn the material at their own pace. Once a participant receives a score of 80% or better, they have successfully completed the CHAT program. A Certificate of Achievement will be awarded from the Connecticut Tourism Coalition at a future tourism event.

CHAT’s core curriculum features expert training on guest service and insight on why tourism matters. Module topics include Why Tourism is a Big Deal, Find Out What Interests Them, and Give Them More Than They Expect. CHAT will educate frontline service workers on how to ensure that Connecticut tourists will enjoy a positive visitor experience. With greater knowledge, employees will understand how to best serve our valued guests. CHAT will also cultivate a sense of pride among Connecticut’s hospitality workers.


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